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F-14A Pilot's Cockpit

Left Side Console Left Instrument Panel 44. Canopy Jettison Handle
1. G Valve Pushbutton 22. Radar Altimeter 45. Clock
2. Oxygen-Vent Airflow Control Panel 23. Servopneumatic Altimeter 46. Bearing Distance Heading Indicator
3. Comm/Nav Command Control Panel 24. Airspeed Mach Indicator 47. UHF Remote Indicator
4. Integrated Control Panel 25. Vertical Velocity Indicator Right Knee Panel
4a. UHF (AN/ARC-159) 26. Left Engine Fuel Shut Off Handle 48. Fuel Quantity Indicator
4b. UHF Comm Select Panel 27. Angle-Of-Attack Indicator 49. Liquid Oxygen Quantity Indicator
5. Tone Volume Control Panel Left Front Windshield Frame 50. Cabin Pressure Altimeter
6. ICS Conrtol Panel 28. Approach Indexer 51. Arresting Hook Panel
7. AFCS Control Panel 29. Wheels Warning Light 52. Display Control Panel
8. Throttle Quadrant 29a. Brakes Warning Light 53. Elevation Lead Panel
9. Inlet Ramps/Throttle Control Panel 30. ACLS/AP Caution Light Right Side Console
10. Target Designate Switch 30a. NWS Enga Caution Light 54. Compass Control Panel
10a. Hydraulic Hand Pump Center Panel 55. Caution-Advisory Indicator
Left Vertical Console 31. Head Up Display 56. TACAN Control Panel
11. Fuel Management Panel 32. Air Combat Maneuver Panel 57. Master Generator Control Panel
12. Control Surface Position Indicator 33. Vertical Display Indicator 58. ARA-63 Control Panel
12a. Launch Bar Abort Panel 34. Horizontal Situation Display Ind. 59. Air Conditioning Control Panel
13. Landing Gear Control Panel 35. Pedal Adjust Handle 60. Master Light Control Panel
14. Wheels-Flaps Position Indicator 36. Brake Pressure Indicator 61. External Environment Control Panel
14a. Emer Stores Jettison Button 37. Control Stick 62. Master Test Panel
Left Knee Panel Right Front Windshield Frame 63. Hydraulic Transfer Pump Switch
15. Engine Pressure Ratio Indicator 38. ECM Warning Light 64. Defog Control Lever
16. Exhaust Nozzle Position Indicator 39. Standby Compass 65. Windshield Defog Switch
17. Oil Pressure Indicator Right Instrument Panel
18. Hydraulic Pressure Indicator 40. Wing Sweep Indicator
19. Electrical Tachometer (RPM) 41. Right Engine Fuel Shut Off Handle
20. Thermocouple Temperature Indicator 42. Accelerometer
21. Rate of Flow Indicator (FF) 43. Standby Attitude Indicator

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