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F-14A/B/D Walk-Around Details

Below you will find a table with F-14 details, subdivided into different chapters. From all the books I know so far, this website is the most complete description of the F-14! Take your time to browse through ... By choosing any of the links you can take an inside look into the F-14 and its equipment.

Some of the graphics in this section are derived from Navy Flight Manuals, Navy fact files or Grumman brochures:
  • NATOPS Flight Manual F-14A (NAVAIR 01-F14AAA-1)
  • NATOPS Technical Manual Airborne Weapons/Stores F-14A/B/D (NAVAIR 01-F14AAA-75)
  • Grumman: Color & Markings Guide F-14 Tomcat, Model Manual, various technical illustrations
  • brochures of several F-14 subcontractors
Click here for a list of US Navy Abbreviations that are used on this website.

F-14 people:
Tomcat Tweaker | Plane Captain

Preflight Walkaround | 4-Side View | F-14's Dimensions | Cut Away Drawing | Paint Schemes

Cockpit & Crew:
Cockpit Interior | Ejection Seats | Crew Boarding Ladder | Windshield Rain Removal

Air Intake | Jet Engine | Engine Compart. Ventilation | Refueling Probe | Fuel Tank Locations
Ground Refueling

Aircraft Systems & Structure:
Access Panels | Material Distribution | Aircraft Systems | Radar Antenna | Electronic Chinpods
ECM Fairings | Sensor Probes | Digital Flight Control System | Pocket Checklist
AN/AVX-3 Fast Tactical Imagery | Lighting System | ROVER downlink | GPS antenna

Handling & Landing:
Arresting Hook | Speedbrake | Carrier Landing Pattern | Tow Bar Adapter
Jack & Hoist & Tie-Down Points

Landing Gear:
Noselanding Gear | Mainlanding Gear

Lifting & Control surfaces:
Wing Control Surfaces | Wing Glove Sealing Plates & Wing Fences | Wing Sweep Mechanism
Beaver Tail | Glove Vane | Horizontal Stabilizers | Ventral Fins | Vertical Stabilizers

Weapon Stations:
Weapon Stations | Cleared Weapons & Stores for the F-14 (list)

M61-A1 Cannon

Air-to-Air Missiles:
AIM-7 Sparrow | AIM-9 Sidewinder | AIM-54 Phoenix | AIM-120 AMRAAM

Air-to-Ground Ammunition:
Iron Bombs | Cluster Bombs | LANTIRN Pod | Laser Guided Bombs | Laser Guided Training Round
JDAM | AGM-88 HARM | Zuni Rockets & Pod | Practice Bombs

Rails & Racks:
Multi-Purpose Pylon | LAU-138 Sidewinder-rail-mounted Chaff Dispenser | Phoenix Rail
Bombracks | Fuel Tank Rack

Self-Defense Equipment:
ADM-141 Tactical Air Launched Decoy | AN/ALQ-167 ECM Pod | Chaff & Flare Dispenser
Expanded Chaff Adapter | Parachute Flares

Other External Pods & Equipment:
TARPS (DI/CD) Pod | External Fuel Tank | Combat Training Pod | Baggage Container
Aerial Tow Target | Test & Evaluation Equipment (ARI, Cameras, Spin Chute, Nose probes)

Did I leave out anything? Yes? Let me know and I'll try my best to complete the Walk-Around section. But I'm sure you won't find a lot missing since this is the most complete collection of technical details of the F-14 Tomcat ... unmatched by any book!

So why not buy this fabulous work of reference on CD ROM?

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